5 Easy Ways To Kickstart A Daily Self Love Ritual As A Busy Leader

Can you say that you love yourself? Creating a self love ritual as an entrepreneur, leader or CEO isn’t something we think about really, as self-love isn’t always something that comes naturally to us, unfortunately. If it did, it was certainly eroded by our upbringing and circumstance. However, a good way to simply get started […]

Easy Goal Setting Strategies For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Using a planner or bullet journal for goal setting can be completely life changing. Staying on track is so much easier when you take a little time out each day, or every few days, to review what you’ve been doing recently and whether or not you are anywhere closer to your goals. There’s a chance […]

Mood Trackers; Helping To Improve Your Mental Health

 As you might already know, planners don’t just help with finances and to-do lists, but mood trackers are excellent for our mental health. Planners can actually improve your mental and emotional state. This helps with everything from mental stress to disorders like anxiety and depression. Our brains like routine, structure and learning patterns, so you […]

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