5 Easy Ways To Kickstart A Daily Self Love Ritual As A Busy Leader

Can you say that you love yourself? Creating a self love ritual as an entrepreneur, leader or CEO isn’t something we think about really, as self-love isn’t always something that comes naturally to us, unfortunately. If it did, it was certainly eroded by our upbringing and circumstance. However, a good way to simply get started […]

Easy Goal Setting Strategies For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Using a planner or bullet journal for goal setting can be completely life changing. Staying on track is so much easier when you take a little time out each day, or every few days, to review what you’ve been doing recently and whether or not you are anywhere closer to your goals. There’s a chance […]

Entrepreneur; Test Your Motivation Style To Succeed

A good motivation style theory has to recognize the fact that we all get motivated differently. In the practice of neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP” (think Paul McKenna) this fact is taken into account in many ways. One of the more useful NLP theories is the concept of “away-from” and “towards” personalities. Entrepreneur; Test Your Motivation […]

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