Personal development and growth

Personal Development and Growth; 8 Simple Ways To Be A Better Leader

When it comes to personal development and growth mindset work, we can psyche ourselves out by trying to achieve too much at once. It’s really not necessary to move a mountain in a weekend to grow as a human being.

Doing a little bit each day is more than 99% of the people are willing to do.

You don’t have to be a superstar each day to become a superstar, you just have to be willing to take a step in that direction each day.

There are plenty of little things you can do that won’t tax your mind or body to any significant degree.

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    The key is to continuously make progress.

    Just one small step in front of the other. Being a disabled lady means that I’ve had to accept that, for a long time, whenever I do anything I’m a tortoise. So I never compare myself to other people as I have to go at my own slow pace.

    Personal Development and Growth; 8 Simple Ways To Be A Better Leader

    Read Something Useful Each Day

    Head to bed 20 minutes early and spend the extra time reading something that will aid your self-development, or add reading to your list in the morning instead of watching TV.

    Reading twenty minutes per day is over 120 hours per year.

    You can learn a lot in that time. 

    If you want to digest books a look faster, a great way to do that is by using Audiobooks. It’s worth pointing out this incredibly handy chart about how we retain information:

    My extrapolation from this, is that for me to retain all of my personal development, I should be watching courses, taking notes and then developing my own workshops.

    If you want to sign up to some incredible Self Improvement courses:

    Replace One Bad Habit With One Good Habit

    This may sound complicated, but really, you should be setting a simple goal which you can track.

    Taking one small step each day is the best way to attack it and if you suffer from chronic illness and struggle, then please rest.

    While reaching goals and tracking habits is important, there’s no point in doing that if you’re exhausted all the time and can never clear the brain fog.

    I highly recommend signing up to a Free trial with Audible and listen to this book:

    Personal Development and Growth - practice patience

    Practice Patience

    We have a need for patience each day and plenty of opportunities for practice.

    Practicing patience is also a wonderful way to practice mindfulness in your every day life. Being more mindful encourages patience, you tend to react less and are generally more present.

    It’s a wonderful practice all around and I highly recommend starting a mindful practice like improving your handwriting or doodling.

    Use the opportunities to practice being patient. Take a deep breath and relax.

    Create A Personal Mission Statement

    What is your life about? You might not have ever given it a thought. How can you develop yourself in the right way if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want your life to mean? Put your thoughts down on paper. 

    A mission statement can save you a lot of time.

    When you’re faced with a challenging decision, remind yourself of your mission and purpose in life.

    Not sure how to spend your day? Go back to the mission statement, review your goals and asses what you ideally want to achieve.

    Most Common Values People Try To Live Their Lives By:

    • Dependability
    • Reliability
    • Loyalty
    • Commitment
    • Open-mindedness
    • Consistency
    • Honesty
    • Efficiency

    Courtesy of YourDictionary.

     Prioritize your focus

    One way to accelerate your progress is to focus on ONE thing.

    How to do that?

    Cut back on the breadth of your ambitions and focus on the couple of most important things in your life.

    Give the most important things the attention they deserve.

    In order to choose your priorities, try using a priority matrix, also known as an Eisenhower matrix.

    Personal development and growth - Eisenhower matrix

    If you’re not familiar with a Priority matrix, then you should check one out. Here is a quick, rough image of a priority matrix. Dividing tasks into how important they are and having the ability to move post it’s around everywhere means that I can visually see what needs done.

    There are digital versions available too if you don’t like using post its.

    Try something new

    If you want to expand your comfort zone and gain a new perspective, try something new. It might be going to a new restaurant for the first time, taking a pottery class, or joining a meditation program.

    Break out of your routine and give something new a try. 

    Practice Forgiveness:

    Research suggests that nothing is more emotionally freeing than forgiveness. No matter how terrible the transgression, you can help yourself out a lot by letting it go.

    While that is always much easier said than done, there are strategies to get yourself to a place where it is easier to let go with more ease.

    Try journaling about the experience and your feelings. Often times, as soon as you dump it from your brain in the form of writing, you’ve given your brain enough time to process the complex emotions behind the situation by slowing down and ruminating.

    Move on. 

    Review your day

    You’re making the same mistakes day after day and don’t even realize it.

    Record your mistakes at the end of the day and decide to never repeat them again. It’s simple to do, but not easy. You’ll be surprised how strong your habits can be.

    Avoid the belief that you must take on a spectacular task to develop yourself.

    Just focus on placing a brick each day. Your wall of success will eventually become quite spectacular without you have to do anything spectacular.

    The little things each day eventually make a huge difference. This is a comfortable way to approach life, too! 


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