Easy Goal Setting Strategies For Overwhelmed Spoonies

Using a planner or bullet journal for goal setting can be completely life changing. Staying on track is so much easier when you take a little time out each day, or every few days, to review what you’ve been doing recently and whether or not you are anywhere closer to your goals. There’s a chance […]

Hey Spoonie; Test Your Motivation Style To Succeed

A good motivation style theory has to recognize the fact that we all get motivated differently. In the practice of neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP” (think Paul McKenna) this fact is taken into account in many ways. One of the more useful NLP theories is the concept of “away-from” and “towards” personalities. Hey Spoonie; Test Your […]

Positive Quotes About Mental Health To Soothe Yourself

Do you struggle with mental health issues? Positive quotes about mental health, managing your health and finding positive affirmations to read, are GREAT places for you to start. Within this post, I’m going to include the 3 most important, foundational tips for more positive mental health. These are 3 of the single most effective habits […]

8 Steps To Creating An Insanely Effective Planner System

After you have purchased your planner, the first thing you need to do figure out an effective planner system that’s going to work best for you, specifically. Here is a quick guide to doing this efficiently, while also keeping it a simplified process, without the overwhelm. When it comes to achieving things in life, the […]

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